Friday, January 2, 2009


We decided to go for a trip to Hawi this last weekend and hike into Polulu Valley to play on the blacksand beach. It was a very steep trail but the boys did really well. The waves were crashing and the clouds were moving along over our heads in the rush of a wind we couldn't feel down below. Journey was very excited about the mushroom he found under a rock.
Once we reached the valley floor there were campsites with some big swings that someone had built and left behind. We want to return to camp there sometime. It reminded me alot of Waipio (six valleys away).
Of course, as soon as our feet hit the sand, the batteries in my digital camera went dead :(.
We found an abandoned driftwood "castle" to play in and lots of gorgeous red cinder lava stones. Someone had been building many rock towers of balancing rocks all over the beach. We wrote messages in the sand and raced from one end of the beach to another... Christian always winning.
We ate the lunch I packed: turkey/salami sandwhiches, waters, and red vines. Journey dropped two vines in the sand and was very upset about that. We decided it was time to go when the clouds became dark on the water and we could see the wall of rain approaching. We raced it up to the top of the valley where our car was parked. Feeling little spits of rain, we made it to the car just before it reached us, pounding down hard on the car like someone turned a faucet on just over our heads. The rain continued all the way back to Kona.

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