Monday, January 26, 2009

Making the mags again....

MATT was in this Sunday's At Home Magazine!

(and this wasn't the picture shown- my scanner is on the fritz)
It was really strange though. A friend called in the morning to tell Matt he was in the newspaper. "Oh no- did they post bench warrants again" (we were both thinking- hehe)
Fortunately that wasn't the case- some of his concrete work was featured in the At Home Magazine insert (a monthly publication you can find in the last Sunday West Hawaii Today newspaper of every month).
So we rushed down to the neares newsstand to check out which house it was.
We were really surprised to see that none of the houses were houses he had worked on. But we did see the picture that was attributed to Matt- it was his work but it was not at the home they being discussed in the article... it was just randomly popped in there, near a home with similar concrete work. We weren't sure what to make of it.
We don't know if the people at the magazine were trying to let the community know that "By the way Matt Bolton does work like this too- see" or if they needed another photo to fill space and happened to have this one... in any case, we just hope that the guy who did the work on the home the article was writing about doesn't get offended at the plug for Matt right beside his own work.
I think Matt enjoyed seeing his work in print though- it is sort of a surreal experience that can't help but be a little bit of a thrill.

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