Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year we have adopted a new family tradition...
Every Christmas we will each receive a special ornament that commemorates the year.
I heard that doing this is sometimes hard for the little kids (finding an ornament that illustrates the year for them) and it was a little difficult- not thinking of something but actually finding that thing you thought of!
I actually ended up make-shift making some of my own.

Like Matthew's... he got his fishing boat this year. So I wanted to get him something that would remind him of that. I ended up hooking up a lure as an ornament. His boat is called Kahele which means "Journey" in Hawaiian but I think "The Mistress" would have been more appropriate.

For Christian, who learned how to read this year (and who is totally obsessed with Santa Claus), I found a little Christmas book about Santa.

For Makaio, I really wanted to get him an ornament with a big yellow school bus on it, since this was the year he got to ride "the big bus" with Christian: the thrill of his short life so far. But I couldn't even find a school bus matchbox car or anything close. He also got his first baseball bat and glove this year. All the boys did actually. So he got a little baseball player.

So here is also Journey's baseball player. I thought I would be getting him a surfer ornament because he was so close to standing up all by himself surfing- but not quite. Maybe next year.

And for me, this was the year I put on my first Art Exhibition. I did it at Divine Goods, so I was going to buy myself an ornament from that store to remember it- but as it turns out, I didn't have to. Dear Kathleen gave one to me.
It was a really great year. Looking forward to another one, come 2009!

Here is a picture of the boys with their new baseball gear... they are really excited about their new baseball stuff. Thanks Nana & Grandpa Skip, Nanna & Grandpa Ron!

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